Social Work Competencies In School Settings: Addressing Adolescent Adjustment Challenges


  • Abdul Wahab Department of Social Work. Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India
  • Manjunathswamy Manjunathswamy Department of Social Work. Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India
  • Preethi D Social Work (BSW) Trainee. Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India



Social Work, Mental Health, Adolescent, social work competencies


Social work is a helping profession that has the power to improve people’s lives on an individual, family, group, and community level. Increasing society’s overall well-being. In order to help students succeed academically, schools, parents, and communities depend on school social workers. They take the initiative in formulating policies for handling crises, providing support services and managing school behaviors. The period of growth and development that comes between childhood and maturity is known as adolescence. The psycho-social stage of development is characterized by increased stress, behavior problems, and conflict. School social workers offer direct and indirect assistance to students, families, and school personnel. The aim of the present research is to study adolescent student’s adjustment problems and explore the competencies of social workers in dealing with school-going adolescents’ problems, data was collected in shivamogga city with a  convenient and purposeful sampling technique with the help of ‘The AISS-SS scale,  the findings show that most of the adolescent students have problems related to mental health which they can’t express and social work competencies were playing an important role in dealing with adolescent mental health and adjustment problems in schools.