Academic Stress Among Children with Learning Difficulties –A Social Work Perspectives


  • Abdul Wahab Dept. of Social Work, Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India
  • Vinay R Dept. of Psychology Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India
  • Madwaraj P. M. Student of Social Work, Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial College Shivamogga, India



Competencies, Social Work, School Social Work, learning disabilities


Social Work is a practice-based profession in which trained professionals are devoted to helping vulnerable people and promote for social changes. Learning disabilities are in which condition in the brain that causes difficulties in receiving and processing information and they can be caused by many factors. In children, learning disabilities can be caused by various factors like genetics, parental risks, psychological trauma, various and factors in a child’s environment and this may be caused by some physical trauma too. Social workers deal with these disorders with their professional skill and technical skills. In India 1.69% of children are having learning disabilities, hence dealing with this disorder and coming up with a solution is significant. The objective of the study is to explore the Competencies of social workers in dealing with children having learning disabilities the data was gathered in shivamogga city with convincing and purposeful sampling with ‘The academic stress scale’ by Dr. Poorva Jain & Mrs. Neelan Dikshit. The findings show that the majority of the school-goings were having learning disabilities but teachers failed in identifying problems hence Social Work professionals have a significant role in schools. emphasizing their unique capacity to bridge the gap and provide specialized support to children with learning disabilities. Implications of the study highlight the need for enhanced teacher training, collaboration with social work experts, and tailored interventions to better serve students with learning disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive educational environments.