Membaca Ke[tidak]adilan Sosial Secara Kritis dari Berbagai Sudut Nusantara

Review Buku “Ketidakadilan Sosial, Kapitalisme dan Demokrasi: Catatan dari Penjuru Indonesia Tahun 2021” Elcid Dominggus Li & Sujarwoto (Eds.)


  • Muhammad AY Jurusan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Teknologi Sulawesi, Indonesia.



democracy, social justice, social policy, capitalism, Indonesia


This book identifies social injustice in various critical domains from various places of the archipelago. Elcid et al elaborate conditions of social injustice that are still being experienced by subsistence groups in various regions in Indonesia. This book consists of several authors who attempt to answer the fundamental question of why social injustice continues? Isn't the principle of social justice enshrined in the foundation of our country? The results of the recording and reporting illustrate that social injustice is influenced by past colonial imperialism policies that have continued until then we are helpless in the face of today's global capitalism. Elcid et al suggested that the phenomenon of social injustice that arises is caused by pragmatic decisions at the level of policy makers who do not think about the direct impact on those who are weakest (the subsistence). In this book, Elcid et al remind us that the importance of the state maintaining social justice is not just a jargon. This book provides a politics of knowledge and awareness for all readers to re-educate our basic understandings regarding social justice based on cases which are still existed in our environment.






Book Review